Providers of effective and efficient guidance and ideas for US Army Fire and Emergency Services since 1996. Fire risk assessments as directed by DoDI 6055.6 and AR420-1 follow the Army's Risk Management process found in "The Army Safety Program" in AR385-10 and Army Pamphlet PAM385-30 "Risk Management." Fire risk assessments meet or exceed Installation Management Command (IMCOM)'s requirement for identifying and addressing levels of risk at today's modern Army Installations.

S. Thomas Harrell and Associates, LLC provides an independent third party assessment to identify levels of risk for the Commander. Years of experience allow them to apply the methodology provided in AR385-10 and Army PAM385-30 to identify levels of risk and strong points as well as deficiencies in order to provide an accurate overview of the effectiveness of the F&ES and the risks it faces.

S. Thomas Harrell

Tom Harrell has served as a Fire Fighter, Fire Officer, Fire Investigator, Fire Protection Specialist and Fire Chief and retired from the Federal Fire Service in 1996 with 29+ years. Service as Chief of four departments included Arlington Hall Station VA Fire & Emergency Services, Fort Greely Alaska Fire & Emergency Services, Fort Drum New York Fire & Emergency Services and Fire & Emergence Services - City of Menominee, Michigan.

Consulting services have been provided in fire protection and prevention since 1993 to the US Military with emphasis on Army Fire Risk Assessments and Fire and Emergency Services Operational Readiness Inspections (F&ESORI) and the private sector worldwide in locations such as Europe, Honduras, East Timor, and the Congo Republic.

Other prior service includes Norfolk Naval Base Fire & Emergency Services, Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire & Emergency Services, Forces Command (FORSCOM), and Fort Drum Fire & Emergency Services. Tenure at FORSCOM was that of the MACOM Fire Protection Specialist with in excess of 100 Fire & Emergency Services Operational Readiness Inspections (F&ESORI) completed since 1986. Service also includes that of fire investigator for Jefferson County, New York 1990 to 1996. Education is an Associates Degree in Fire Science, numerous resident courses at the National Fire Academy at Emmitsburg, Maryland including completion of the Executive Fire Officer Program. Professional certifications are held as Fire Officer Level IV, Fire Inspector Level III and Fire Instructor Level II in the Department of Defense Fire Fighting Certification Program (FFCP).

Janet Flynt

As a system safety analyst, Janet possesses practical experience in the Army's Safety Program as set forth in AR385-10 and Army Pamphlet 385-30 "Mishap Risk Management". She assists Tom Harrell in applying an effective and efficient process for Army fire risk assessment. The process follows the Department of the Army's Composite Risk Management (CRM) approach.

Janet's 25 plus years of experience in safety risk management, safety training and tools, and loss prevention methods provides an edge only a properly trained analyst can provide. She has worked to meet both military and civilian needs by developing and applying system safety analysis methods and processes under Department of Defense, NASA, and FDA contracts. Janet has also contributed to system safety standards through participation in MIL-STD-882, ANSI/UL 1998, IEC 61508, and ANSI/ISA SP84/IEC 61511 activities.

In 1994 through interaction with the UL 864 Fire Alarm Systems Committee, Janet became active in fire safety requirements. Her involvement with fire service professionals increased in 2002 when she was awarded a post 9/11 multiple year NIOSH contract to write design and analysis guidance for high technology Personal Protective Equipment. Under this contract, she demonstrated hazard analysis and failure modes and effects analyses methods to the NFPA Committee on Electronic Safety Equipment.

Janet also established and operated Safety Requirements, Inc. - a company providing safety consulting, training, and web-based safety compliance applications. She holds a B.S. degree in Mathematical Sciences/Statistics and an M.S. degree in Operations Research and Systems Analysis. She is also a trained Project Management Professional.

Kim Soenen

Kim is a Consultant with Security Consulting Group in Madison, Alabama and a former high school French teacher. She possesses a strong background in computer applications and technology. She assists Tom with the compilation and editing of reports. Kim has a Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems and a second major in French from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Iowa.

Army Fire Risk Assessments Accomplished at the Following Installations:

Kwajalein Atoll (3 RAs) Fort Bragg Fort Irwin
Yakima Fort Stewart Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal
Fort Greely (3 RAs) Anniston Army Depot Pine Bluff Arsenal
Ansbach Germany Schwienfurt Germany Kitzingen Germany
Bamberg Germany (2 RAs) Hunter Army Air Field Fort Lewis
Fort Benning Fort Sam Houston Fort Knox
Camp Parks (3 RAs) White Sands Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Fort Gordon Fort Huachuca Fort Sill
Fort Eustis Fort Bliss Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Ord Fort Leavenworth Fort Jackson
Umatilla Chemical Depot Pueblo Chemical Depot (3 RAs) Sierra Army Depot (4 RAs)
Red River Army Depot Fort Hunter Leggitt (2 RAs) Fort Hamilton
Fort Indian Town Gap Tobyhanna Army Depot (2 RAs) Concord Military Ocean Terminal
Redstone Arsenal (2 RAs) Watervliet Arsenal US Coast Guard - Elizabeth City
Camp Robinson Fort Chaffee Dugway Proving Ground
Idaho Army National Guard Pennsylvania Army National Guard Arkansas Army National Guard


For more information please email Tom Harrell or call him at (770) 267 4643